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Newfoundland-born composer Kevin Williams is recognized as one of ​Canada's best up-and-coming film composers.

Able to read music before English, Williams career as a musician began with piano lessons at age 4. He quickly took up stringed instruments and percussion as well. Currently one of the country's most highly skilled percussionists, Williams is also in demand as both a performer and educator.

Growing up in Newfoundland, he was active in marching bands, brass bands, concert bands, pipe bands, punk bands, and percussion ensembles before moving to the mainland to study privately with some of the world's top musicians.

Williams works by using a mix of old world classical influences and state of the art technology to create modern film scores. The instrumentation for his scores range from 100+ piece orchestras down to small synthesizer arrangements (depending on the project's requirements). His work can be heard in the following films:

Ready to Burst

The Man in the Rabbit Mask

Tune in For Murder (note: this is a VR film)

Time Heals No Wounds

The Devil and I



...with several more currently in development.

Aside from film and percussion work, Williams also releases music under the moniker The Complete.